Make $5 commission for Every Aggieland VIP Card you help sell! No Limit!(Individuals Welcome to join)

Do you have a group or customer base that would be interested in saving money at over 30 Bryan/College Station companies on EVERY VISIT? If yes, you simply promote your $5 OFF Coupon Code/Direct Link and you will earn $5 for Every VIP Card you help sell!

The Aggieland VIP Card is normally $20 and the digital version is always valid for a FULL 12 months from purchase allowing for YEAR ROUND sales!!(

*Info for Fundraisers, businesses, and websites further below*


Digital VIP Cards will now be valid for a FULL 12 months from date of purchase so it will always be a great time to purchase an Aggieland VIP Card!

How it works: Upon purchase of an Aggieland VIP Card, you are asked to create a username and password on Your username is then automatically turned into a $5 OFF Coupon Code & Link that you can share to make $$

Sample Coupon Code & Link:
$5 OFF Coupon Code: Username (Your actual username)
Sample Link: (click to see how it looks)

Selling the Aggieland VIP Card – Individuals ($5 per card sold!)

Sell Golf VIP Cards Online

*You will also make $2.50 for EVERY card sold by someone that originally bought with your coupon code....example below*

Commission breakdown

What happens when a card is sold via your $5 OFF coupon code(username):

If you sell a card to Travis....Travis saves $5 on his purchase and you earn $5!!
If Travis sells a card to Roger....Roger saves $5 on his purchase, Travis earns $5, and you earn $2.50!!
If Roger sells a card to Nick....Nick saves $5 on his purchase, Roger earns $5, Travis earns $2.50, and you don't earn anything.
*Stopping the commissions after 2 levels prevents unsustainability issues*

Selling the Aggieland VIP Card – Fundraising Groups

Fundraisers of any kind in Bryan-College Station can use the Aggieland VIP Card as a risk-free fundraiser. No need to handle inventory, go door to door, setup tables at games etc.

Everything remains the same as the examples above except approved fundraisers get $7.50 per card sold directly and $2.50 for any second level sales.

Simply Promote your Link and make $7.50 for Every VIP Card sold without ever physically touching a card. This is the easiest fundraiser you will ever have!

Selling the Aggieland VIP Card – Businesses

Businesses of any kind in Bryan College Station can use the Aggieland VIP Card as a way to earn extra risk-free income. Earn $7.50 for every VIP Card you help sell by simply promoting the custom coupon code you are provided(your customers will save $5 on the purchase price).

Simply Promote your Custom Coupon Code/Link and make $7.50 for Every VIP Card you help sell and $2.50 for all second level sales!

Banner Ads and Links can also be placed on your company's website to drive customers to your custom link!!

Selling the Aggieland VIP Card – Advertisers & Online Businesses

Advertisers of any kind in Bryan College Station can use the Aggieland VIP Card as a way to earn extra risk-free income when there is unsold advertising(available space). Instead of running a house ad, promote the Aggieland VIP Card with a custom coupon code given ONLY to your company and earn $7.50 for every VIP Card help sell directly and $2.50 for every second level sale.

**Online Businesses Can Promote The Aggieland VIP Card in this same fashion utilizing Banner Ads that will be provided to you that automatically insert your coupon code when clicked**

How are commissions tracked?

It couldn't be simpler! We've streamlined our entire affiliate process to ensure ease of use, while still maintaining extremely accurate tracking methods. The process is as follows:

  1. Visitor clicks on your link or enters your coupon code that you promoted on your site, in an email, on social media etc.
  2. The visitor purchases a card with your coupon code.....they save $5 and you get an email saying you just earned $5!
  3. On your first sale, you will be instructed to enter in your PayPal address or select check as the method of payment you prefer.
  4. You keep promoting your link and at the end of the month, we send you all of your earnings for the month.
  5. If the person you sell to, sells a card to one of their earn a $2.50 commission on this sale as well.
  6. You will receive commission payouts on the 15th of every month (if your balance is at least $10) via PayPal or Check.
  7. You will have access to your “custom links” production 24/7! Simply login on with the same login you have for You can look at any point to see how many people have used your link and how many sales you have driven in.
  8. If someone renews their card next year, you get the same commission again as long as you still have a current Aggieland VIP Membership!!!

That's it! You send us business, we send you $ for EVERY VIP Card you help sell!

Contact me with any questions. I look forward to working with you!

Ready to join?

Signing up and getting your account setup couldn't be easier. Individuals are instantly approved on the purchase of a Aggieland VIP Card. Fundraisers, businesses, and advertisers can email to get your account setup.

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